Pluto’s beautiful atmosphere

Wouldn’t want anyone to miss this gorgeous photo of Pluto, shot from 1.2 million miles away by the departing New Horizons spacecraft. The glowing ring is light passing through Pluto’s atmosphere, not a solar eclipse. A Slate article explains the… Read More ›

A plea for Pluto

NASA made history again today with the New Horizons spacecraft doing its 30,000 mph flyby of Pluto after a 9-year, 3-billion-mile flight across our solar system. I missed every live telecast today because of doctor appointments. But I have hopes of… Read More ›

Philae lander waking up

The New York Times is reporting this morning that spacecraft Rosetta’s Philae lander, which bounced onto the surface of a comet last November and into a mostly shadowed position, has gathered enough sunlight to begin waking up. It was able to… Read More ›

Faster than Lucy and Ethel

I am easily amused, apparently, but I find these battery-packing robots fascinating. They’re fast and obviously can “see” what they need to do. Certainly more efficient than Lucy and Ethel. Of course, a smarter upstream robot would do a neater job of putting the… Read More ›

Ah, typewriters

  Anyone my age, and certainly any former editor/writer my age, will recall some years spent pounding the keys of a manual typewriter. Mine was a Royal portable, and it was definitely a hate/hate relationship. You see, I didn’t take… Read More ›

I want this microwave

I’m not the first to say it but I’m certainly going to repeat it: I want this infrared “heat map microwave oven.” The concept is pretty simple. There’s an infrared camera in the top of the oven that monitors the heating… Read More ›