I want this microwave

I’m not the first to say it but I’m certainly going to repeat it: I want this infrared “heat map microwave oven.” The concept is pretty simple. There’s an infrared camera in the top of the oven that monitors the heating… Read More ›

Blackbird singing

Meet the SR-71 Blackbird — in my humble opinion, the most spectacular and beautiful plane ever built. I just stumbled across some rare photos of her and I still have goosebumps. It seems Lockheed Martin has published a book about the plane that includes… Read More ›

NASA is back, baby!

Well, of course NASA never really left. But it’s so exciting to see a successful launch, flight, and pinpoint touchdown of its next to-be-manned vehicle. The 4 1/2 hour mission this morning included liftoff, two orbits at up to 3,600… Read More ›