A little sunshine for your day

Today’s Google home page features artwork celebrating peace and diversity. A national Doodle 4 Google contest asked student artists to consider the concept “What I see for the future ….” The winner was 15-year old Connecticut high schooler Sarah Harrison, with… Read More ›

The intransigence of hate

I first wrote about the intransigence of hate in our society back in 2009, and then again in 2010. And I’m sorry to see the topic is just as relevant today. Consider, for example, Iowa congressman Steve King’s comment on Sunday: “We can’t… Read More ›

Daddy’s little girl

This isn’t THE origami rose. I don’t even know if THE rose was red or some other color. But my not-quite-11-year-old granddaughter had an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. She discovered her “cubbie,” in a particular classroom I assume, had been filled… Read More ›