Will issues verbal thrashing of Mike Pence

For a lesson in how to wield the English language, check out George Will’s column in the Washington Post. You needn’t agree that “Trump is no longer the worst person in government” to enjoy — or choke on — Will’s use of $10 words. I plowed through the first paragraph, thinking maybe it was just a humorous or sarcastic come-on for the rest of the story. But no, the entire piece was written with thesaurus in hand. (I wonder if he talks that []

‘Be Best’?

I’m among those who don’t understand what Melania Trump means with her “Be Best” campaign. My first thought was that since English is her second language, maybe she just missed the mark and means “Be the Best” or “Be Your Best.” But then I realized there are plenty of staff members around her who could have corrected her and saved her the possible embarrassment. Or maybe it was really Donald’s idea. His grasp of the language seems … er … a little []

I learned a new word today

(Yes, it’s a real word. I looked it up. And not surprisingly, it’s been discussed more than once in the last year. But I’d managed to remain ignorant until I saw this cartoon this morning.)  

Snowboarder on fire at X-Games!

Frontside grab … truck driver … frontside rodeo … cab double underflip … quad cork 1800 … half cab quadruple backflip … backside triple cork 1620 … Snowboarding tricks, many of them being done today during the 2017 X-Games in Aspen, Colo. Amazing to watch even when you don’t understand a word of the jargon. It makes you realize how far from your youth you’ve come, how wide the gap has grown. Yes, they do seem to be speaking English most of []

Words banished for 2017

Here it is, the list of words and phrases banished for 2017. No doubt you’ve looked forward to it for a year. Or maybe two, since I neglected to post it last year. Lake Superior State University collects the words, submitted by readers throughout the year, and compiles a list of those most frequently nominated. Also on their website are all the previous years’ words. Some words/phrases are so disliked that they’ve appeared on several lists. The next time you realize a []