Commas save lives

I have a huge problem during the Christmas shopping season. I tend to buy too much. Not for others, but for myself. Once the sales begin and the purse strings are loosened, it’s amazing how many things I see that… Read More ›

Say it correctly: ‘mas-TEC-tomy’

Search terms in one’s blog stats can be amusing or thought provoking. Often unintentionally so. Take the person who was searching here for “masectomy mis-pronunciation.” Gotta wonder if he or she pronounces the word like he/she spelled it, and thinks those who… Read More ›

Education is a cross I must bear

A recent TV commercial for Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making me cringe and is killing CTCA’s credibility. With me, anyway. The man talking about his treatment speaks of “prosate” cancer. No, no, no! It’s prostate. There’s another “t” in… Read More ›