Not my call, but …

I watched some World Cup soccer Saturday, and was delighted to see the U.S. play to a 1-1 tie with England. But I may not watch much more. It’s the vuvuzelas, the horns the fans blow — constantly. The sound… Read More ›

World Cup, the real super bowl

It’s likely I’ve forgotten, but I don’t recall the last World Cup generating as much interest in the United States as this one is getting. The advertising is everywhere, and beautifully done. All the sportscasters are talking about it, obviously,… Read More ›

Favre rocks … again

My interest in football has waned in recent years, but one thing has never changed — my admiration and appreciation of Brett Favre. Forty years old, and still one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Maybe THE best. And today he… Read More ›