Not my call, but …

I watched some World Cup soccer Saturday, and was delighted to see the U.S. play to a 1-1 tie with England. But I may not watch much more. It’s the vuvuzelas, the horns the fans blow — constantly. The sound is much like a huge, angry swarm of bees, or at least what I imagine such a swarm would sound like. I realize the vuvuzelas are a traditional celebratory thing in South Africa, and it’s their World Cup. The South Africans seem []

World Cup, the real super bowl

It’s likely I’ve forgotten, but I don’t recall the last World Cup generating as much interest in the United States as this one is getting. The advertising is everywhere, and beautifully done. All the sportscasters are talking about it, obviously, but so are the news people. Even John Stewart and The Daily Show did a segment on it last night. Maybe it’s just that everyone is so desperate to talk about something, anything besides the oil spill. Lord knows we all need []

Grandma grades the Olympics

  For the convenience of those who want to see all my comments on the Olympics — and especially for those who don’t — I’ve loaded them all (to date) into this one post. Figure Skating I still enjoy figure skating, but it doesn’t bring me out of my seat the way it used to. Maybe it’s the rules changes. Maybe I’m getting more critical in my old age. I don’t know. Part of the problem may be the increasing emphasis on []

NBC opens Olympics with death video

Launching its coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies this evening,  NBC took the low road. In the first ten minutes of an eagerly awaited family television event, during the dinner hour, NBC ran the video of Nodar Kumaritashvili’s fatal luge crash. Twice. I was absolutely appalled. Not an hour before, I’d been on the phone with my son, reminding him to have the TV on so my grandchildren, ages 4 and 7, could enjoy the pageantry of the Opening Ceremonies. []

Super Bowl … er, Superbowl … Sunday

I guess it’s a good thing I’m retired, because things I would have been all over once upon a time are now flying right by me. I was browsing for some “Super Bowl” info today, and Google asked me if I meant “Superbowl.” No, you stupid computer program, it’s not one word. Ah, but I was mistaken … sort of. I soon realized that one spelling was about as common as the other. Funny, I’d never really noticed before. Anyway, I was []

Favre rocks … again

My interest in football has waned in recent years, but one thing has never changed — my admiration and appreciation of Brett Favre. Forty years old, and still one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Maybe THE best. And today he led the Vikings to a 34-3 playoff win over the Cowboys. Favre — forever young, forever indomitable, forever awesome! (And he’s cute, too!)

Elite marathoners getting too .. elitist

The story instantly grabbed my attention: Some elite marathon runners and coaches are complaining that slowpokes shouldn’t be allowed to run marathons. Boo! Hiss! What’s it to them anyway? They, the faster runners, get to start first, ahead of the pack, to ensure the slowpokes don’t get in their way. And once they’re out there running ahead of the field, what possible difference could it make to them if there are hundreds of slower people finishing hours later? Speaking as one who []

Blame it on Rio

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro for winning the 2016 Summer Olympics. The IOC eliminated Chicago and Tokyo from the final four contenders, making it Rio vs. Madrid. Looking only at geography, I’d call their final decision logical. Asia just had the games in Peking, and the US has hosted many Olympics over the years. Of the two finalists, I’d have leaned toward Rio also, since the South American continent has never hosted an Olympics. This, of course, is not what the American []