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Category: language

How do you say 2010?

So what’s it going to be, America? Is 2010 going to be Two Thousand Ten  or Twenty Ten? Or maybe even 2K10? CNN’s poll gave a significant majority to Two […]

‘Teabagger’ is here to stay

I’ve been wincing for months — every time someone uses the word teabagger on the air. Sometimes it’s the Tea Party people themselves, seemingly ignorant of the word’s original crude […]

Media might does not make right

Almost four years ago I wrote a little diatribe about the frequent misuse of the word troop. This grating of media fingernails on my chalkboard continues. Naturally the media are […]

Getting snarky on Shuster

Some of you may recall my howls several months ago when MSNBC’s David Shuster demonstrated the shortcomings of his education by mispronouncing the word sword, repeatedly. Today he made me […]

PC silliness

Just a little addendum to my sunflower post a few days ago … Trying to identify the smaller thistle-like plant growing beneath the sunflowers, I looked up “niger seed,” a […]

OMG, Palinese is contagious!

My grandfather was the first concessionaire here in the park. He had the park service contract to bring people here so they could experience Rocky Mountain National Park. In my […]