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Denver's big blue bear "Who's in There" by Lawrence Argent

Lions, tigers, and bears

I just turned on the morning news and it seems we have another bear situation in progress in the metro. We’re never at a loss for wildlife-vs.-man stories here along […]

Ignorance was bliss

Funny where information turns up on the Internet. Like when you’re checking the weather details on your favorite weather website and it features the latest health information from WebMD, a […]

Planned Parenthood PAC video

Women will remember in November

An appropriate message for today, tomorrow, and the rest of the year. Remember in November!   *Video from the Planned Parenthood Political Action Fund

I’ve become impatient and intolerant

I wish I could send a letter to every TV anchor and reporter telling them that during interviews or panel discussions, when they or their guests interrupt or talk over […]

Right to Lifers: You can’t make this stuff up

Yesterday the Huffington Post ran a story about Planned Parenthood clinics being targeted by suspected members of an anti-abortion group (Live Action) hoping to obtain (or fabricate?) video showing illegal […]