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Hillary doesn’t cry… again

Crocodile tears. Or not. Depends on who you ask. But again today, again on the eve of an important primary election day, Hillary got misty-eyed. Or not.

Was she remembering her show of emotion on the eve of the New Hampshire primary? When all the women voters turned out in sympathy and unexpectedly gave her the win? Or so the analysts said. If you want to listen to them. Don’t forget, they’re the same people who predicted 24 hours earlier that Obama would win.

Now those pundits are saying yes, she got a little emotional today, but she’s human. She’s exhausted. She’s been campaigning non-stop for weeks. She let down her guard in a small, personal gathering.

Isn’t that what they said when she didn’t cry in New Hampshire?

Note: March 11 — Just watched this again and now I don’t see it. Interesting what the passage of time can do to perceptions, especially when the largest view you have is a Youtube video on a small computer.


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This is the moment; Obama is the one

Barack Obama has won the Democratic caucuses in Iowa. And as he put it this evening in a stirring speech to his supporters, this is the moment. This is the time America will remember as the beginning of a new era, the end of the politics of fear, the beginning of the politics of hope.

Partisanship, special interests, and polarization in Washington. The good ol’ boys. The smoke-filled rooms. The lobbyists. The political dynasties. This is the year it ends.

It feels good to be optimistic again. It feels good to be proud of a candidate. It feels good to think that, just maybe, the system might not be broken after all.


Barack Obama made history in Iowa tonight. And then he spoke to America:


YouTube video of Obama’s victory speech in Iowa

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