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Category: Video Content

What’s on Romney’s flag pin?

(Updated Nov. 11, 2012) According to Philip Rucker, National political reporter at The Washington Post covering Mitt Romney and the 2012 presidential campaign, the flag pin with the Secret Service logo […]

Clint Eastwood at the RNC

Eastwood upstages Romney at RNC

I love Clint Eastwood. I’ve loved him since he first appeared as Rowdy Yates in the TV series “Rawhide,” way back in 1959. I loved him through all the spaghetti […]


The magnificent intricacy of flight

It was late when I visited Ronni Bennet’s Time Goes By last night, and I completely overlooked this exquisite video of a Eurasian eagle owl in flight. It’s filmed in […]

More Mitt: It's my garden

More Mitt: That lip reading thing

The Bad Lip Reading meme. I’d never heard of it until I saw it over at Time Goes By. Bless Ronni for posting it. Laughter is such good medicine, and […]

Vice President Joe Biden

Oh, Joe

Oh, Joe, you didn’t. You didn’t really say that, did you? You didn’t really tell that Virginia audience that Republicans have pledged to “unchain” Wall Street and “put y’all back in […]