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Category: World

Help the Iranians using Twitter

Update, June 21: Either I forgot to save it after I changed my Twitter time and loc to Tehran, or somebody subsequently deleted the settings. Couldn’t hurt to check yours […]

Iranian demonstrators won’t be silenced

UPDATE: Tuesday, June 16 — Reportedly seven people were killed at the Monday rally. _______ My heart goes out to the Iranian people. They were so excited, so enthusiastic about […]

Stop the settlements? Fat chance

It’s encouraging to see Pres. Obama and Sec. of State Clinton telling the Israelis to stop building illegal settlements in the West Bank. And no exceptions — no “natural growth,” […]

Et tu, Barack?

George Bush did a lot of things that upset a lot of people. One of them was authorizing the indefinite detention of suspected terrorists in Guantánamo prison, where he hoped […]

Terrorist recidivism — pick a number

In just the last two days, two different rates of terrorist recidivism have been reported — 7% and 14%. These are only the latest in an ongoing, ever-changing, never-twice-the-same stream […]

From Gitmo to Florence

Other than their Muslim names, what do the following men have in common? Abdul Hakim Murad, of al-Qaeda’s Operation Bojinka Ahmed Ajaj, of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing Ahmed […]

Obama waffling on Gitmo detainees

President Obama is considering indefinite detention for some of the Guantánamo prisoners, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Not good. Is he continuing to backpedal on campaign promises, […]