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Category: World

Reporter? Say it ain’t so, Joe

Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher has announced he’s going to Israel — as a war correspondent. Seriously. By my calculations, Joe’s fifteen minutes of fame ended about sixteen minutes after his […]

Panarin’s Disintegration: USA ends in 2010

Russian professor Igor Panarin, reportedly a very affable guy, is brightening the new year for his countrymen and women with his theory about the U.S. Referred to as Panarin’s Disintegration, […]

Bush dodges shoes thrown in Baghdad

George Bush appeared at a surprise press conference in Baghdad earlier today, after a highly secret overnight flight. Yet despite what the New York Times at one point called “extraordinary […]

Forewarned is forearmed; oh, really?

The Associated Press is reporting this evening that India’s foreign intelligence agency knew as recently as September that Pakistan-based terrorists were plotting attacks in Mumbai. Although the information was relayed […]