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Category: World

ISIS or ISIL, they’re still just terrorists

I was finally able to remember that ISIS, the jihadist group that’s rolling through Iraq now, stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Learned it well enough to type it without having […]

Iraq and the Pottery Barn rule

No sooner did the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) offensive in Iraq hit the headlines than a particular song refrain popped into my head: “You break it, you pay for it.” […]

Bashing the Bergdahls

A week ago U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was released after five years of captivity by the Taliban. Since then you’d have to be a cave dweller to have missed […]

From D-Day to present day

This is one of ten interactive D-Day images featured on The Guardian website. (You’ll have to visit the site to see the images change.) By moving your cursor over the images, […]

D-Day: Etched in the sands of time

(Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the June 6, 1944, Normandy invasion — the beginning of the end of World War II. The following post from last September is as appropriate […]

Putin: The slips don’t lie

In addition to being a pompous, power-hungry president rooted in last-century politics, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been caught lying through his teeth. That, or some mischievous hacker gained access to one […]

Too many theories, not enough facts

I exaggerate only slightly when I say there’s been nothing on cable news for the last week but the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. A flight with 200+ souls on […]