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Robertson says take him out

Pat Robertson, the conservative every liberal loves to hate, is at it again. Shovel firmly in hand, he continues to deepen that hole he lives in. This time he is advocating the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Such a simple solution to such a complex international problem. Why struggle endlessly with troublesome nations around the world when all we have to do is order hits on offending heads of state? So quick, so simple, so economical. Why didn’t we think of it before?

Gaza: Overdue exodus

The Israeli settlers in Gaza are leaving today, under orders from the Israeli government, and those who don’t leave voluntarily will be forcibly removed.

Temporary military occupation for security reasons is one thing; permanent civilian settlement (read “land grab”) is quite another. However late the mandate comes, it is the right thing to do. Gaza is not and never was Israel’s to settle. Nor are the West Bank and Golan Heights.

Danica and the French

Danica Patrick finished fourth (I think) in the Indy 500 yesterday. She ran many laps in the lead, the first woman ever to do so. You go, girl! I thoroughly enjoyed her success, and I’m not even a race fan.

Shifting gears, so to speak: I learned yesterday that the new EU constitution drew just one negative vote — France. That one vote kills the deal for everyone. A little poetic justice, perhaps?

Coalition troop numbers

PWHCE – Coalition of the Willing List, Map and Troop Numbers

Regardless of your political leanings, you may wonder just which nations comprise the “Coalition of the Willing” in Iraq. The link above has a great breakdown of the numbers.

The list as of March 2004 was as follows:

  1. USA 130,000
  2. United Kingdom 9,000
  3. Italy 3,000
  4. Poland 2,460
  5. Ukraine 1,600
  6. Spain 1,300*
  7. Netherlands 1,100
  8. Australia 800
  9. Romania 700
  10. Bulgaria 480
  11. Thailand 440
  12. Denmark 420
  13. Honduras 368*
  14. El Salvador 361
  15. Dominican Republic 302
  16. Hungary 300
  17. Japan 240
  18. Norway 179
  19. Mongolia 160
  20. Azerbaijan 150
  21. Portugal 128
  22. Latvia 120
  23. Lithuania 118
  24. Slovakia 102
  25. Czech Republic 80
  26. Philippines 80
  27. Albania 70
  28. Georgia 70
  29. New Zealand 61
  30. Moldova 50
  31. Macedonia 37
  32. Estonia 31
  33. Canada 31
  34. Kazakhstan 25
    Sources: The Australian, 17th March 2004. SBS World Guide, ninth edition, 2001.
    *Spain and Honduras withdrew their forces after this list was compiled