Contraception experts panel

The religious rape of American women

Catholic men of America — and all conservatives who support them — you’re not going to win this debate. You are not going to deprive American women of the benefits […]

James Carville

Carville advises White House to panic

Democratic strategist and firebrand James Carville posted an article on CNN today titled “What should the White House do? Panic!” Great story for CNN to trumpet all day. Great attention-grabbing […]

‘Chump’ won’t run for president

This morning Donald Trump announced he won’t run for president after all. Anyone surprised by that, raise your hand. There was a time when I had some (a little) grudging […]

Mexicans angry over American cartoon

An editorial cartoon of the Mexican flag has stirred up a hornet’s nest in Mexico — with a lot of help from Mexican newspapers that plastered the American cartoon all […]

Wedding ’65

Chelsey Clinton’s wedding was big news recently. Why, I’m not sure. But it was. And it dove-tailed with this post, started a while back when I came across a little […]

Tenting tonight … or not

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi (one of many spelling variations, including “thug”) won’t get to pitch his tent on Donald Trump’s Bedford, NY, property after all. Boo hoo. The Donald usually […]

Currently testing my patience …

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska and former GOP vice presidential wannabe … for her continuing inability to distinguish late night comedy from mainstream news. Remember back in February when […]

I read the news today, but why?

♦ That Alaskan woman whose initials are S.P. is going to “collaborate” in the writing of a book. A book! B-O-O-K. She can’t even remember which newspapers she reads. Her part […]