Sometimes analog trumps digital

I thought I was stepping into the 21st Century when I bought a new bathroom scale last fall. It was one of those supersleek glass and brushed chrome things, beautiful […]

Scholarship trumps honorary degree

President Barack Obama will be delivering the commencement address at Arizona State University this evening. But the headline has been that ASU is not going to give him an honorary […]

Yes indeed, your president plays the accordion

In the not-too-distant past, I read a comment about Trump “playing the accordion” — a reference to his characteristic gesture of spreading his hands apart, then bringing them together, then […]

New England Journal of Medicine gets political

Editors at The New England Journal of Medicine have come together in an editorial condemning the Trump administration’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Titled “Dying in a Leadership Vacuum,” the […]

The WordPress apple cart

WordPress really upset the apple cart a few nights ago by converting all users to their new “block editor.” Readers who don’t blog on WP won’t understand or care what […]

Debate solution: Zoom

Covid-safe, socially distanced, from the comfort of one’s home. No mask required. That’s Zoom. That’s the solution for the next presidential debate. If either candidate gets out of line, goes […]

Re Tuesday’s presidential ‘debate’

Good lord what a horror show. I suggest the rest of the debates be canceled. There’s absolutely no point in continuing unless Trump can be silenced. In lieu of cancellation, […]

Wishful thinking

This, of course, should have happened the moment Trump issued his first tweet.