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Tag: wide-format

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

In 2003 Costa Rica banned the euthanasia of stray dogs and instead turned to spaying, neutering, and sanctuaries. At the Territorio de Zaguates sanctuary, the dogs — more than 700 […]

I’m a fracking NIMBY

I’ve been fuming for several years about the massive increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma, where I grew up. The USGS has tied the quakes directly to fracking’s disposal wells. My […]

Hand of God?

At 8 am Monday, January 24, 2016, this amazing cloud appeared over the Portuguese island of Madeira. Weather blogger Rogerio Pacheco captured the photo. Sort of gives one pause, doesn’t it? […]

Three years ago today: Sandy Hook

This 6′ × 24′ graffiti mural was the work of Gamma Acosta, Longmont, Colo. “Crayons” was his statement about the Sandy Hook school massacre, done a day later. For the […]