Month: July 2012

Tornado at 11,900 feet

(Updated July 31, 2012, 2:15 pm MT) I’ve lived all my life in Tornado Alley without ever hearing of a tornado in the Rockies. Wrong terrain. Wrong conditions. Right? Wrong. Saturday a tornado was seen and photographed on Colorado’s Mount… Read More ›

Ten kinds of stupid

Last night things got “interesting” here in Thornton, the north Denver suburb where I live, at a movie theater I was in just a few months ago. And more recently, so were my grandkids and their parents. James Mapes went… Read More ›

Why I watch the Olympics

(Updated July 29 at 1:20 pm MT) Overlooked by American media yesterday, as far as I know, was Hamadou Djibo Issaka, a 35-year-old rower from Niger. He learned his sport just three months ago and earned a wildcard invitation to… Read More ›

Zakaria on gun control

(Updated August 12, 2012, at 1 pm MT) Fareed Zakaria is always the voice of reason, it seems to me. He always makes his case in carefully reasoned, low-key, non-partisan terms. He recently discussed guns and gun control in his… Read More ›

Mitt’s Olympic meddle

Maureen Dowd at The New York Times sharpened her claws and went after Mitt Romney yesterday. If you haven’t had enough of that sort of thing already, you might enjoy her piece. It includes a pretty good summation of both… Read More ›