About Pied Type

Old editors never die, we just revert to type

In the printing industry, “pied” type is letterpress type that has been tossed or spilled into a jumble. It seemed the perfect name for a blog created by an old editor whose jumble of topics emanates from a similarly jumbled mind. Current events, politics, the environment, random musings, etc. For better or worse, you never know what you’ll find here.

I apologize in advance for any disordered posts you come across. There are more than 3,900 posts here, dating back to 2002. Both WordPress and I have made a lot of changes since then, and each one likely broke some preceding posts. I try to fix them when I find them, but it’s an endless, sometimes impossible chore.

Before retiring, I worked in print publishing for thirty years, mostly in Oklahoma City where I grew up; half of those years were spent as managing editor of a medical journal. And I’ve had a website of one kind or another since 1995. It scratches my creative itch and keeps me out of trouble — most of the time.

For the record, I now live in Thornton, Colo., 20 miles north of downtown Denver, and am a registered unaffiliated (UNA) voter, grandmother of two, shy introvert, loner, secular humanist, serious gamer, and willing servant to feline Rowdy and canine Charlie.

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments you’re inclined to leave. If you prefer, you can always use the contact form to reach me privately.