Officially unaffiliated

It’s official; I’m no longer a registered Democrat. Nor did I have any desire to return to the Republican fold where I spent most of my life (until GWB was nominated). As it turned out, I couldn’t register “Independent” in Colorado, so I am now officially “Unaffiliated” — UNA on my voter’s card. True, I’ve disenfranchised myself as far as party caucuses are concerned, but somehow, for now, I feel cleaner.

3 thoughts on “Officially unaffiliated

  1. Good job! I’ve been a wandering UNA political ghost since I registered at 18 years of age. Although I’ve never voted in a primary caucus, I’ve found my method of impact by having the freedom to donate funds to ANY candidate, cause, organization, or movement that I seem to agree with at that given moment.
    It only took me half a century to find my political niche. Better late than never, eh?

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