Too cute for words

Just saw this on ABC Evening News. The full heading is “Baby Bids Goodbye to His Elder Brother Before He Leaves For College After Thanksgiving.” It’s adorable. Guaranteed to brighten […]

The dove on Longs Peak

In this screenshot from Erik Stensland’s website, one can see quite clearly the perennial snowfield on Longs Peak known as The Dove. It rests on the peak’s north flank and […]

Remember when …

In April 2020, I published the following: Last night for the first time I remembered to turn off the tv at 8 pm and listen. Sure enough, I thought I […]

The most disliked Thanksgiving foods

If you are planning to host a big Thanksgiving gathering, or even a little one, you might want to consider the results of a very small survey that revealed the […]

Yep, it’s weird

I spotted this on a t-shirt in one of the 5,000 Christmas catalogs that jam my mailbox this time of year. I never asked for them; I never order from […]