It’s fall, ya’ll!

The autumnal equinox occurs at 1:21 pm today. Not that the precise time matters to me. It’s enough that fall, my favorite season, has arrived. Colorado’s annual “Gold Rush” has […]

My choice, dammit!

Browsing the news today, I spotted the headline “Women can say no to sex if Roe falls, says architect of Texas abortion ban” in The Guardian. What!!?? My first thought […]

Nation riven by ‘mindless truculence’

For some time I’ve been avoiding national news as much as possible. I catch the headlines in newsletters, in local newscasts, and on late-night TV. But I don’t spend much […]

Abortion post gets more comments

Two weeks ago I posted my take on the new abortion law in Texas. A new commenter — Annsley Smoak — appeared there yesterday and launched into a religion-based assault […]

Color appearing near Ward?

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) cameras aren’t intended to show scenic vistas. They are normally aimed at highways. But this one just north of Ward, Colo., along Highway 72, actually […]

While seeking Women’s March info

You never know where you’ll end up or what you’ll learn when you start browsing the internet. This morning, looking for information about the October 2 Women’s March in Denver, […]

Women plan to march October 2

Galvanized by the passage of the highly restrictive new anti-abortion law in Texas, a nationwide women’s march is being planned for October 2, two days before the Supreme Court reconvenes. […]

Abominable abortion law in Texas

The latest anti-abortion law in Texas is nothing less than an abomination. Not only does it ban abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat — approximately six weeks into […]

Because clouds

This was the view this morning from the Alpine Visitor Center (elev. 11,796 ft.) in Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park is down in the valley, through that hole under […]

Love birds?

The 2021 Bird Photographer of the Year is Alejandro Prieto, whose photo “Blocked” was both the overall winner and the Gold Award winner in the Birds in the Environment category. […]