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Category: Law

It’s a start

In Greeley, Colo., this month, two police officers reported a third officer to their supervisors, accusing him of using excessive force. That officer was removed from patrol duty and a […]

The insanity continues

Update, June 23: Police identified the slain good Samaritan as John Hurley, 40, of Golden, Colo. Hurley was in a local store when he heard shots, drew his own weapon, […]

Will justice for one become justice for all?

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Yesterday in Minneapolis a jury found ex-police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts. Guilty of murdering George Floyd. I admit I did not watch the trial. Nor […]

I know a wingnut when I see one

In case you missed it, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the newly elected Republican congresswoman from Georgia. She follows QAnon and, among other things, believes the forest fires in California were […]

Justice Kavanaugh lives down to expectations

Who can forget his confirmation hearings: Kavanaugh ‘belligerent and aggressive’ when drunk … or sober. And this week, he proffered his not-so-carefully-researched official Supreme Court opinion on counting election ballots: […]

Opinion piece offers rays of hope for democracy

In The Guardian today, political speechwriter David Litt contends “Republicans will replace RBG but Democrats hold the trump cards – no, really.”  He suggests several ways in which Democrats can, […]