Vote! Vote! Vote!

Thank you, Bob Gorrell / Copyright 2023 Creators Syndicate. Reprinted with permission.

14 thoughts on “Vote! Vote! Vote!

  1. I do apologize for almost always turning up first in the Comments: it’s a matter of world time, of course.
    I second this. I third, fourth and fifth it.
    Remember David Foster Wallace !

    1. Ah, yes. I tend to forget that time difference. Another Aussie reader once reminded me that when somebody here claims the world is going to end tomorrow, I can just check with him.

      Okay, I must admit I don’t know who DFW is.

  2. Take it from someone who didn’t vote for Hillary because he couldn’t believe any sane person would vote for an imbecile (or moron, whichever is the most idiotic)… Now I have to vote for whoever (other than Trump fools) has a prayer of winning. Even though I swore (ages ago) I’d never vote for either of the major party candidates.

    1. Sanity! I want sanity! I want sane candidates, sane policies, sane actions. I want candidates and legislators who act like responsible adults to solve our problems, not promote and enrich themselves.

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