The one about colors

6 thoughts on “The one about colors”

  1. Brown. Nice wheels ! – we never had that car here. Pity.
    Pantone Colors for the Year are weird, often: I mean, that magenta !!
    How come your site has the best supporting images I’ve eve seen on a blog, Colorado ?

    1. Didn’t mind at all having it sitting in the driveway. But I never could decide if it was reddish brown or brownish red.
      Pantone’s color choices have often been weird and sometimes downright ugly. They have literally hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from. So why not some great ones? I know tastes and purposes vary, but geez …
      For better or worse, every image that appears on this blog is my choice. So thank you for the complement!

    1. It was. That’s a great name for the color. Your creation or Chevy’s? You’re such a poet; it sounds like you.

      (BTW, I assume you know that with your newest blog design, there is no place to “Like” or comment or otherwise indicate I was there. Or i’m just overlooking it.)

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