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  • Unexpected sources

    It was cold and snowing yesterday, and I spent the afternoon playing video games. Some Assassin’s Creed: Origins, a bit of Warframe, but mostly Civilization VI. The latter is full of historical references and quotations. With real-world headlines in the back… Read More ›

  • Stoic

    Estes Park, CO, photographer Erik Stensland published this untitled photo on his Facebook page on February 10. A study of strength, winter beauty, solitude. Certainly as arresting as any sweeping landscape and perhaps even more thought-provoking … As it happened,… Read More ›

  • Holy halfpipe, Batman!

    Hope everyone was watching last night when Shaun White won Olympic gold in the men’s halfpipe. He was crying, I was crying. Seemed like everyone was crying. I’m not going into all the details about what it took for him… Read More ›

  • At last, something to cheer about

    This week Elon Musk’s company SpaceX successfully launched the world’s most powerful rocket and put his personal Tesla roadster into space, complete with the dummy “Starman” at the wheel. Shades of P.T. Barnum. But, WOW! Just like the old days… Read More ›

  • Samoas and Thin Mints and Trefoils, oh my!

    An enterprising San Diego Girl Scout recently sold more than 300 boxes of her cookies in six hours by positioning herself outside a marijuana dispensary. While the Scouts and authorities discuss the legality and propriety of her action, I can’t… Read More ›

  • Fly Eagles fly!

    The Pats remind me of a guy I knew in high school. He cheated his way through everything and everybody knew it. I kept thinking it would catch up with him some day, but it never did.   Feb. 4… Read More ›