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Clouds from both sides

The mountains are so much more than glorious peaks and serene valleys. And the clouds that play among them are […]

Solace in stone

Rock balancing artist Michael Grab (aka “Gravity Glue”) lives in Boulder, Colo. He built these ten balanced rock towers last […]

Rest in Peace

Remembering the ten victims of yesterday’s shooting at King Soopers in Boulder, Colorado: Denny Strong, 20 Neven Stanisic, 23 Rikki […]

Time is a thief

For the last year I’ve been telling myself that I’m lucky compared to so many other people. There’s been no […]

Know your sources

What do you know about your favorite news sources? Do you turn only to those reflecting your views? Do you […]

American catharsis

It’s gone. The malevolent incompetence that plagued our nation for four years is finally gone. Or at least its chief […]

Snow, glorious snow

I can call it glorious because I don’t have to go to work in it, or drive home in it. […]