What price oil?

Updated March 23, 1:30 pm If you were planning a move to Colorado, is this what you’d want to see? Would you buy a home where this picture was taken? That’s the issue that has been and still is dividing… Read More ›

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  • Gun culture

    The recent mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, were terrible beyond words and yet, sadly, not at all unfamiliar to Americans. Mass shootings have become all too common here. It’s worth noting that in New Zealand the immediate reaction by… Read More ›

  • If you want to play with others, follow the rules

      The rule should be, quite simply, “No admission to a public school (or to the US) without immunizations.” Period. There’s always home schooling, permissive private schools, or online education for those who can’t or won’t get immunized. The unimmunized… Read More ›

  • Worried about Ronni Bennett

    Update, Mar 19: As of 6 pm MDT yesterday, Time Goes By was back on line. I have a request for any of you who follow Ronni Bennett at her Time Goes By blog. For several days I’ve been unable… Read More ›

  • Outrage

    It’s outrageous no matter how you look at it. Wealthy parents buying, lying, bribing, cheating, etc. to get their kids into prestigious colleges. Or maybe into any college at all. It’s an outrage that kids who worked and studied hard… Read More ›

  • Ulmer is here

    In the past there’s been a lot of eye rolling when the local meteorologists get excited about an incoming storm. But this time they nailed it. Winter Storm Ulmer is here. As predicted, the wind and rain began early this… Read More ›

  • Have a lanche

    It seems logical that if any of the lower 48 states were to have avalanches, it would be Colorado. But a report yesterday that the state has seen at least 348 of them since the first of March (one week)… Read More ›

  • Hickenlooper’s hat

    It’s hard to guess how the large and growing Democratic field for president in 2020 is going to shake out. But here in Colorado we’d like to put in a good word for our former governor John Hickenlooper. He’s a… Read More ›

  • Worrisome

    Worry a lot.  

  • Watchdog

    My dog Annie likes to lie on the back deck and watch for birds, squirrels, and passersby beyond the fence.    

  • Thinning the herd: Reparations

    What do Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris, former San Antonio mayor Julián Castro, and Marianne Williamson have in common? All are Democratic candidates for president in 2020. And all have indicated some support for reparations to the descendants of slaves… Read More ›

  • Holy smoke, Smollett

    Jussie Smollett. I know that name now, but until recently I’d never heard of him. And I’d never watched nor wanted to watch “Empire.” (Still don’t.) But in the last week it’s become impossible not to know the man’s name… Read More ›