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Category: Politics

When the wealthy pay no taxes

I think it only human nature to feel offended when we dutifully pay our taxes every year, only to learn that some very wealthy person paid little or no tax. […]

Nation riven by ‘mindless truculence’

For some time I’ve been avoiding national news as much as possible. I catch the headlines in newsletters, in local newscasts, and on late-night TV. But I don’t spend much […]

Where there’s smoke

This gif of wildfire smoke spreading across the US appeared in the New York Times yesterday. Certainly we’ve had more than our share of it in Denver this month, and […]

It’s the Fourth of July, 2021

Fireworks in Washington and across the country Fireworks of all kinds, for so many reasons, and too many very short fuses … Please celebrate safely, responsibly, considerately, and legally  

The intransigence of hate, 2021

(Previously published in 2017) I first wrote about the intransigence of hate in our society back in 2009, and then again in 2010. And I’m sorry to see the topic is just […]

Kamala stumbles out of the gate

Vice President Kamala Harris was decidedly underwhelming this week as she undertook her assigned task of dealing with U.S. immigration problems. She traveled to Guatemala, home country of the majority […]

Just change the moon’s orbit

Sleep well, America. Trump’s gone and Texas GOP Representative Louis Gohmert is hard at work in Washington. No more crazy ideas like injecting bleach to cure Covid. Now we have […]