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Category: Health

Vaccination vexation

As I understand it, each state orders and distributes its own supply of Covid-19 vaccine, and the US government may or may not be able to supply all that a […]

Let nothing stop the vaccine deliveries

In Colorado this week there have been several test runs of Covid vaccine delivery. Packages frozen like the Pfizer vaccine have been tracked and delivered from Denver to points in […]

Pfizer’s cool vaccine is coming soon

An America exhausted by 2020 is understandably excited about Pfizer’s recently announced Covid-19 vaccine. In its Phase Three study, the vaccine proved to be 90% effective (!) in preventing infection […]

Hey you, wear your damn mask

This graph first appeared on the internet in late June, but nothing has changed. Nothing has changed! We’re now entering our third wave of Covid-19. If the second wave was […]

Deny science at your peril … and mine

The pandemic is real. Covid-19 is real, and it’s killing people, people of all ages. Believe the doctors, the scientists, the facts. Please wear a mask, keep your distance, and […]

Anti-maskers, it’s not about your rights

To those out there not wearing masks because you think it infringes on your rights: You’re infringing on the rights of others to stay healthy. You’re infringing on my rights. […]