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Category: Green

Alaska, anyone?

This is Denver right now. It’s 100°F, and I’m told there are mountains out there someplace. I just checked Anchorage, Alaska, and it’s 60°F and clear up there. I’m not […]

Where there’s smoke

This gif of wildfire smoke spreading across the US appeared in the New York Times yesterday. Certainly we’ve had more than our share of it in Denver this month, and […]

Where eagles soar

Funny how a simple photograph can bring such joy, but this one does it for me. An eagle being released into the sky, with a smile and widespread arms. Glorious! […]

Xcel cares

It’s been a few years since I’ve ranted about Xcel increasing its rates yet again, so here we go. Feel free to stop reading now; I won’t be offended. You […]

Fire and sunflowers

Can you believe it’s July already? Sure, time and tide wait for no one, but we’re halfway through 2021! That long-awaited end to our Lost Year was six months ago. […]

Estes Park: When hell came calling

Few Colorado residents will forget last October when the East Troublesome fire raced east past Granby and Grand Lake and into the mountains. Under cover of darkness and against all […]

The size of a hummingbird

Back in the spring of 2013 I was an avid online hummingbird watcher. A man in Southern California had a live streaming webcam focused on a hummingbird nest, and hundreds […]

Doggo rescue: So Colorado!

I was browsing the internet this evening and somehow stumbled across this photo. What a picture. “Only in Colorado” was my first thought. Okay, so maybe not only in Colorado, […]