Incoming storm? What storm?

(Screenshots from approximately 12:30 pm MST. Click pics for current views.) These and many more webcams are always available on “My favorite webcams: Estes Park, Rocky Mountain NP, Pikes Peak, Denver/Boulder.” Unless, of course, they get knocked out by a… Read More ›

More unusual cardinals

In the last few weeks there has been a significant surge in readership of my posts about Northern Cardinals, particularly the one entitled “World’s loneliest cardinals.” I’ve no explanation for this renewed interest a three-year-old post, but I welcome anyone… Read More ›

Leave only footprints

By now we’ve all seen pictures of trash piling up in national parks and at national monuments and memorials. A symbol of what happens during a government shutdown? It shouldn’t be. Responsible tourists dispose of their trash responsibly; if trash… Read More ›

So ugly she’s cute

Meet Tonks, the Denver Zoo’s baby aye-aye. She was born August 8 and is just emerging from her nesting box. Her parents are Bellatrix and Smeagol (appropriate name!). Only 24 aye-ayes live in seven zoos in the US. They are extremely… Read More ›

Dumbo the … octopus?

Ever heard of a dumbo octopus? I hadn’t until now. The dumbo octopus (Grimpoteuthis) gets its name from the fins that resemble the ears of Disney’s Dumbo the flying elephant. It is small, usually only about 8 inches long, but the longest on… Read More ›

Colorado snow joke

I woke up two days ago, smug about the hard freeze the night before (I read somewhere that a “hard freeze” is 28° or lower) because I’d had my sprinklers shut off several days earlier. Outside I heard a lot… Read More ›

Foliage fling

Fall foliage photos are a dime a dozen in Colorado, but this one really caught my eye. I’ve tried for years to describe a brief walk I once took near Estes Park, and have always failed. This picture comes very… Read More ›

Hail summer

Last spring there was a wind storm here that blew down fences, knocked over a large woody bush in my backyard, and peeled shingles off the house across the street. Maybe an 80% chance to get insurance to replace my… Read More ›