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Category: Green

Clouds from both sides

The mountains are so much more than glorious peaks and serene valleys. And the clouds that play among them are so much more than colorful sunsets. Above, at the Beaver […]

Keeping an eye on eaglets

Update, April 12: Observers have reported that there is actually only one eaglet in the nest and that it is increasingly unlikely the second egg will hatch. I’ve been lax […]

A mother’s work is never done

This video has been widely circulated and you may already have seen it. Still, it’s cute as the dickens, isn’t it? (Yeah, we said that back when I was growing […]

Solace in stone

Rock balancing artist Michael Grab (aka “Gravity Glue”) lives in Boulder, Colo. He built these ten balanced rock towers last week as a memorial to the ten victims of the […]

Denver braces for Xylia

For 10 days or so, the biggest story in Denver has been the incoming winter storm, now named Xylia. It’s been pretty crazy. I’ve been up to the pharmacy twice […]

Snow, glorious snow

I can call it glorious because I don’t have to go to work in it, or drive home in it. I don’t have to get kids to school in it. […]

And I thought 2020 was over

Over the years I’ve seen my share of snow, ice, freezing temperatures, burst pipes, tornadoes, and power outages. But I’ve never seen a transformer failure with power surges like those […]