‘Breaking Bad’ features Limeliters song

15 thoughts on “‘Breaking Bad’ features Limeliters song”

    1. Vikki was one of their funniest, but there are some others. And so many sweet, gentle ballads. I was just stunned when their music showed up in BB. I don’t know much about television production, but I’d be interested in knowing who was smart enough (or old enough!) to think of using “Take My True Love.”

  1. The Limeliters are still around, still recording and still touring (this I know for sure, because I am a member of the band)… We haven’t been performing this song in recent years, but now I’m thinking that we should probably bring it back.
    Best regards,
    Andy Corwin

    1. Andy, I’m dumbfounded and honored that you showed up here. Yes, after Breaking Bad’s bazillion fans heard the song last night, I’m sure it will be in demand.

    2. Andy, do you know if this song is under public domain now, or is there a licensing process in order to use it?

  2. A haunting melody indeed – I think I’m getting a new ear-worm!

    Mollie and I are still catching up on BB, savoring each episode. We have 3 in the VCR now, and of course 2 yet to air.

    1. Yarbrough had quite a solo career too, if it’s his voice in particular that appeals to you.

      The sad thing about being caught up, as I am, is that there are only two episodes left!! I’m in mourning already for something that isn’t even gone yet.

      1. “Seven Daffodils” (written by the late, great Lee Hays) is one of my favorites too…We spent some time rehearsing it this past weekend & we’re planning to perform it at our next concert, on Sept. 28th, in Phoenix.

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