There’s a live webcam at Red Rocks

Note: April 23, 2023: The Red Rocks webcam has been out of service for several months due to construction at the venue. The site says it will be back up sometime this summer.

Thanks to a mention by new reader dunelight, I have another live webcam to add to my collection — famed Red Rocks Amphitheater in the foothills near Denver. People come from all over the country to attend concerts here and I’m probably the only person in the area who hasn’t done that.

It was fun this morning watching people (likely tourists) wandering up and down the rows of seats: the kids, especially, were practically bouncing. More athletic types often come here to work out and run the steps, and sunrise on Easter morning is always a big draw. A few days ago, right after our big storm, there were actually ski tracks all over the slope. A rare event (also illegal, I think): Ski Red Rocks.

It’s a great camera for people watchers. There’s always somebody here doing something, even if it’s only stage crew left from an evening performance; I’ve seen them there as late as midnight or 1 am.

Downtown Denver is visible on the horizon and forms a beautiful backdrop for nighttime events.

Skiers and snowboarders had a great time on March 16 — until they were kicked out by authorities.

5 thoughts on “There’s a live webcam at Red Rocks

  1. Oh, man…it had been a tradition with me to log onto the cam at Red Rocks to watch Easter sunrise service every year. I could not get on yesterday. Did it rain? Was it cold? Was it a nice sunrise? I LOVE that place.

    1. I found the webcam after you mentioned it. Thanks for that. The Easter service was cancelled again this year due to Covid. I don’t know about the sunrise. I’m never up that early.

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