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Hmm, seems I’ve got ‘hitchhiker’s thumb’

hitchhikersthumbLast night, while browsing the web, I discovered that I have “hitchhiker’s thumb.” I’ve had the same thumbs for 69 years and didn’t know till now that they are hitchhiker’s thumbs. And now that I’ve become thumb conscious, I realize “normal” thumbs look really odd (first noticed this when Bill Clinton was gesturing). A few years ago I realized I also have Morton’s toe. And I’ve always had a widow’s peak. With all these body parts apparently belonging to other people, I’m beginning to have an identity crisis!


    • Heh, yeah, I feel like a Rod Serling project. The Twilight Zone theme would be appropriate. I guess as long as Morton, the hitchhiker, and the widow don’t try to reclaim their parts, I’ll be okay.

  1. Hey….”hitchhiker’s thumb.” I have never heard of such a thing, but it gives me a bragging opening. I have “thumbed” across the US of A, not once but twice. Some 12 thousand miles.

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