Hmm, seems I’ve got ‘hitchhiker’s thumb’

hitchhikersthumbLast night, while browsing the web, I discovered that I have “hitchhiker’s thumb.” I’ve had the same thumbs for 69 years and didn’t know till now that they are hitchhiker’s thumbs. And now that I’ve become thumb conscious, I realize “normal” thumbs look really odd (first noticed this when Bill Clinton was gesturing). A few years ago I realized I also have Morton’s toe. And I’ve always had a widow’s peak. With all these body parts apparently belonging to other people, I’m beginning to have an identity crisis!

Categories: Health

6 replies

  1. Ah, you freak! Banished from the realm you should be! 😉

    Room for one more, Honey. 😆

    • Heh, yeah, I feel like a Rod Serling project. The Twilight Zone theme would be appropriate. I guess as long as Morton, the hitchhiker, and the widow don’t try to reclaim their parts, I’ll be okay.

  2. Hmmm… my thumb is halfway in between those two photos. And I definitely have Morton’s toe – although none of the ailments it talks about.

  3. Hey….”hitchhiker’s thumb.” I have never heard of such a thing, but it gives me a bragging opening. I have “thumbed” across the US of A, not once but twice. Some 12 thousand miles.

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