March is the snowiest month — usually

16 thoughts on “March is the snowiest month — usually”

    1. We had maybe two months with no fires after snow snuffed the Fern Lake fire. Now we’re off and running again. I haven’t even been able to enjoy this beautiful day for worrying about what it means for the rest of the year.

    1. Oooo, please make it stop. My son, his dad, and my grandson are flying over there in about 10 days. They’d sure appreciate a week of reasonably dry weather.

  1. Well March has come in like a lion where we live. We got spoiled one day as it felt like spring and higher temperatures were here…but it didn’t not stay. Tonight we are having a low of 24. Ugh

    1. Sounds like a typical crazy March everywhere. But if you’d like to get rid of any excess snow or water, please sent it to Denver. We’ve got this lil wildfire goin’ … uh, wild up north of here.

      1. There are no woods here, but the ticks are awful! There are farm animals all around, plus the river is only a few miles east, so this is one of the more “lush” areas south of the Sangre de Cristos down here in the flatlands of the desert.

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