Thank you, Scott Prouty!

10 thoughts on “Thank you, Scott Prouty!”

    1. It was good. Schultz was not obnoxious. Maybe you can find a video of it tomorrow and draw your own conclusions instead of reading reports and interpretations from others — mine included.

    1. Yep, Schultz asked all the questions I wanted answered, and Prouty left me very favorably impressed. I wish him whatever good fortune he can derive from all this.

  1. We owe so much to this thoughtful young man. Seems to have strong moral compass and would be an effective advocate on other social justice issues. Only small question still out there is how he got to Jimmy Carter’s grandson who first notified media that someone about to release the video.

    1. James Carter, the grandson, was a research assistant for David Corn, the Mother Jones writer who first broke the story. Carter’s name appeared at the end of several Corn stories that Prouty had read and admired. He thought contacting Carter might be the best way to get his story to Corn.

      I think James Carter got a lot more credit than he deserved for “finding” the video, but since no one knew at the time who had actually shot the video, Carter was the next closest thing.

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