New pope takes the name Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Pope Francis. The first pope from South America, from Argentina. The first non-European pope since the 8th Century. Said to be a humble man who voluntarily gave up many of the trappings of a cardinal, such as his chauffeur, because he wanted to remain humble and simple. Taking the name Francis, the name of a saint who also wished to live a simple, unpretentious life. The first pope to take the name Francis.

Could it be the Catholic Church has finally gotten the message about the need for change?


    1. I understand. I’d hoped the wall-to-wall would finally stop after a pope was selected. Silly me. As long as anyone covers it, everyone will cover it. Makes me wonder if MSNBC will actually let Ed Schultz go ahead with his show this evening to reveal the 47% filmmaker.

      1. Yeah, I saw the teaser for that last night on Rachel Maddow. As much as I’d like to see it, I’m not sure if I can stomach Ed Schultz (the left’s answer to Rush Limbaugh) long to enough to enjoy it…

        1. MSNBC is the left’s answer to Fox News. I almost never watch, except for Maddow. I’m curious enough to tune in tonight, though, at least for a few minutes.

      1. Jesuits are usually quite intellectuals – free thinkers who often lived quite well. They were often sent first into new lands as explorers like ancient China and the new world.
        St Francis was down to earth, compassionate, humble, loved animals, small creatures, the simple life.
        And you are right…they are already mentioning it….time to go outside and play

        1. I knew St. Francis was the one who loved the animals. That’s about as much as I’ve ever known about any saint.

          And yes, I’ve been out — to the supermarket. Beautiful day here.

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