47% filmmaker to appear on The Ed Show Wednesday night

15 thoughts on “47% filmmaker to appear on The Ed Show Wednesday night”

  1. I’m thinking he should have kept his mouth shut unless he’s gunning for a career in the incredibly shrinking field of investigative journalism. It does make an interesting story over a drink though. But if your bartender told you a tale like this, would you believe him? “So… man walks into a fundraiser…”

    1. I’m wondering if money is the reason. Isn’t is always? Getting paid for TV appearances, write a book, enjoy a bit of the fame that the Carter grandson got for releasing the video. I’m still betting he’ll end up regretting it.

  2. I wonder if the Ed Show is paying him? I hope so because I agree with you, PT, reprisals are likely and he well might have trouble getting jobs. Also, I predict that service staff at all private political gatherings from now on will be very carefully controlled from here on out, at least by the GOP’s. The Dems probably not so much. As Will Rogers was famously quoted (by my memory): “I’m not a member of any organized political party – I’m a Democrat.”

    1. Possibly so many people have already found out who he is that he figured exposure was inevitable and decided to get ahead of it and maybe profit from it. Of course, where the GOP may deny him jobs, the Dems may fall all over themselves to offer him positions. But reprisals could be a lot more unpleasant than just job denial. There are some very powerful, very wealthy people still very angry about the election results. And the lesser GOPers may just resort to hate mail, phone calls, vandalism, etc.

      1. Yes, I’m sure you’re right about angry wealthy but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s slighted by Democrats as well. My impression over the years is that whistle-blowers are badly treated by management in general, regardless of justice. Sadly, organizational loyalty seems to trump justice. I wish it were otherwise.

      2. Based on the update I added to the post, it does sound like the man just needs money. And maybe a job. You’re right about whistleblowers, of course, but maybe the kinds of people who hire bartenders won’t care about that.

  3. I never understood the controversy. Is the 47 percentage wrong? I didn’t vote for the guy, but I didn’t think what he said was totally bogus either. Maybe just saying the obvious out loud created all the stink.

    1. The 47% wasn’t wrong. In fact, one article explained it’s actually 96%. The stink was in saying those people are dependent on the government, feel they are victims, and believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. True or not, that’s insulting to approximately half the US population.

  4. I’ll admit to talking to a whole lot of bartenders in my time. Those experiences lead me to think this guy believes what he says is true, and also that he’ll pursue most any course that will get him favorable recognition. But then, what do his motives matter? The point is the “47 percent” comment by Romney characterized the candidate and his supporters and cost him and them the election.

    1. As revealing and pivotal as the comment was, I’m just glad it was reported. And I think it’s past time the person who actually filmed the comment get whatever credit or blame is due. I’m curious about his motives only because he’s waited this long to come forward. Why now? Why not right away?

      1. Why not right away? Because he’s a little guy in a high-stakes game. I saw his interview on the Ed Shultz show – his upper lip was sweating, and well it should be. One common man, a bartender for god’s sake (you can’t make this stuff up), changed a national election. Vox populi! I hope he got a big price for appearing on cable – I think he’s going to need it.

      2. While you were commenting, I was writing my post about his appearance on Schultz’s show. He didn’t go public right away because he wanted the focus to stay on the video itself and Romney’s comments. But you’re right. He was probably also hiding out somewhere. I would be. A bartender messing with a national election? Messing with Mitt Romney and Karl Rove? The guy’s got … guts!

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