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Category: Election 2012

Scott Prouty

Thank you, Scott Prouty!

Scott Prouty is the young man who took a camera to a Mitt Romney fundraiser hoping just to get a picture with the candidate and came away with the video […]

Social Security sell-out

Just a note to my older readers: President Obama promised to protect our Social Security and Medicare benefits. Instead, he has voluntarily added the “chained CPI” to his concessions to […]

Legal pot; goodie for Colorado (not)

By now the nation knows that Colorado voted yesterday to legalize recreational marijuana. Not by statute, as one might expect, but by constitutional amendment. Colorado is odd that way, sticking […]

Obama wins

President Barack Obama won re-election Tuesday night and whether or not that makes you happy, we can probably still agree we’re glad the campaign is finally over. I was stunned […]

Election Day morn

I should have known better than to flip on the TV this morning while enjoying my coffee (it’s a habit; didn’t stop to think what I was doing). Sure enough, […]