No, I didn’t watch the address last night

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  1. I stood it for only a few minutes but had the same reaction as you, PT. It went on, I hear, for 108 minutes, about the same length as a bad movie. Reminded me of the Narcissus legend in which he was so entranced by his own image that he forgot to eat and died. Not gonna happen with this guy though. Stephen Colbert said Trump’s staff got him to pay attention to the teleprompter by means of a bouncing emoticon of a Big Mac. : {

  2. I recorded it but didn’t watch it. After listening to various networks commentary, I deleted the recording. The guy is delusional if he doesn’t realize that fact checking his lies is happening in real time. What a buffoon.

  3. I didn’t watch it either. I couldn’t. Just the sound of his voice makes me feel ill. I’m just reading up on it now. I do have to chuckle how Pelosi stood up at one point when going through her papers. Kinda reminded me of when trump stood behind Hillary during one of their debates in an attempt to intimidate her.

    1. I’ve seen a couple of brief clips, like the one where all the Dem women stood and cheered. They sure looked impressive in all white.

      And yes, the mere sound of his voice turns my stomarch too.

  4. What worries me is the number of people who believe him, and hang on every word, and that there may well be too many of them in 2020; I just hope I’m still alive then, hate to miss the fun

      1. I think the Democrat-controlled House might impeach him. But if the Senate doesn’t subsequently convict him, he stays in office. And if he survives to run in 2020 … well, I don’t even want to think about that.

  5. I didn’t watch it either. I really can’t bear the sound of his voice any longer. We have one tRump voter at our weekly family dinners. He was shocked to hear all of us loathe him even the kids. He’s quiet about it but I know he hasn’t changed his mind. I’m ignoring the after-news as well. 2020

    1. I can empathize. Although I’ve been afraid to ask him directly, I’m pretty sure my son voted for Trump. I tiptoe around the subject, but I’m deeply saddened and puzzled that a bright, well-educated man could vote for and continue to support such a mentally disturbed individual.

  6. I didn’t watch either. He, like President Obama, is an interesting speaker, but what’s to say or hear at this point?
    Besides every talking head of all directions will be rehashing and interpreting it over and over and over colored by each of their own view. (I hate people pretending they are reporting news when instead it’s ALL opinions now)
    One primary source I will just skip
    The resulting rough waters are simply not worth the stress or effort.

    1. I usually watch major speeches with the idea that I’m perfectly capable of forming my own opinion and don’t need or want the media to interpret for me. But watching this guy is a waste of time.

      1. Ditto.
        Bill Clinton was a fabulous speaker although I felt he was morally bankrupt and a disappointment – still I watched him – not this time.
        What bothers me is that if the Dems think the independents who voted for them last election in attempt to balance things, give everyone a seat at the table, and drag discussions more to the center – if they think they were elected to pose and preen for cameras, go off with lobbyist to frolic on the beach instead of working (My neighbor with family still in Puerto Rico said the locals really enjoyed watching millionaires cavort on the beach and applaud broadway shows while they were trying to put things back together still…) if they think newly elected people were sent up there to dramatically blah, blah, blah instead of finding real middle ground and come up with compromises – well, they may find another shocker at the next election.
        (One can only hope – so tired of the childish dramatics on both sides)

      2. I’m still angry that more wasn’t done and hasn’t been done for Puerto Rico. And I blame it all on Trump and his hatred of anyone speaking Spanish. As for his speeches, you can’t believe a word he says and even his delivery is painful to watch and/or hear. I’m not happy with everything being done by extreme right or left positions. Moderation and compromise are somewhere in the middle.

      3. Actually, from my neighbor – it’s the corrupt leaders of the country – she was speaking to them directly on trephine daily for quite a while. She’s disgusted that elected officials there are OK with stealing from their own people and happily awarding contracts to those with absolutely no experience (but family connections) She was shipping generators and supplies for quite a while and is there now, so I am anxious to here what her views are on the current situation now. They children insisted their mom/grandmothers left for a bit but have been back and comfortable for about a year now. Hurricanes, like fires, take a long time to recover from – few realize once the news media leaves…
        I do hope people find out that we’ve got a mumps epidemic in the ICE detention facility here ( along with several other infectious diseases) 7 Adults so far and quarantined, but the fear is how many others were infected and showing no signs as they were released and went into buses and airports. CA and NM are also having various outbreaks.
        All you anti-vac people out there need to be rethinking not protecting your kids – especially teenagers and young adults. Very serious and not widely in the news nationwide. (CDC keeps sending out advisories over the last couple of weeks to docs)
        Sometimes it seems we are sliding back into the Dark Ages.

      4. Yes, I’ve read about the mumps outbreak there. Lack of immunizations is an immigration problem that doens’t get much attention. The mumps news was almost lost in all the news about the measles outbreaks in the NW and elsewhere. Have even read about some teens and young adults now asking for the vaccines because their anti-vax parents didn’t get them for them when they were young. And don’t ask me what I think about anti-vaxxers. It would get real ugly real fast.

        Yep, Dark Ages, here we come.

  7. I was wrong. Apparently you only had to demonstrate that you weren’t exposed to or infected with a disease in order to pass through Ellis Island almost immediately. Not so dark on that score either.

  8. I listened, but mostly was emotionally removed, as I am whenever he opens his mouth — thinking about how many equivocations, warped thoughts and full-blown lies, were embedded.

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