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  1. I feel your pain, PT. Having been through phone hell all too many times with AT&T I had made a mental bookmark in my brain that when our present cellphone dies I am going to investigate a simple one I saw in an ad from Sears (of all places!) Now I have not tried this personally but it sure sounds good. It’s an inexpensive phone, no fancy gimmicks, no damn contract at all, and a straight monthly charge. I assume you can even go to a Sears store and see one. Here’s the link, and good luck!


  2. I’m incredibly sorry for your awful experience with Sprint. As a previous 10-year customer, I have had my fair share of problem with them. They are the absolute worst when it comes to customer service and I would highly recommend you not judge owning a smartphone by your experience with one company that sells them.

    1. Oh, the phone itself was amazing. Absolutely. But the idea of me spending $100 or more per month to have one was really ridiculous to begin with. I’m just lucky I was able to get out of the contract. There are other carriers if I ever change my mind. Verizon is supposed to be the best around here.

      1. That’s who I have now, after my nasty departure from Sprint. It got so bad that I paid to break two contracts just to get away from them. Verizon has been a much better experience. However, the price is still high regardless.

  3. Ah, that’s a bummer. My husband, who until he got his new phone was essentially a Luddite, absolutely loves his Droid. But you got to go with what works for you. I personally like the iPhone, the Droid, the Blackberry – whatever. I like ’em all. But, I get my smart-phone through work (meaning: I don’t pay the bill). 😉

    However, my husband does have to pay for his and, yes, it is expensive. For him, it is worth it.

    1. I’d buy the phone in a second if someone else would pick up the monthly bills. But without a spouse, a job, teenagers in the house, or any other compelling need to stay in touch 24/7, it just doesn’t make much sense. (I can say that now that the fever has passed. 🙂 )

  4. Ugh, sorry you had to go through that. I’m actually thinking, seriously, about getting that same phone – but I am T-Mobile. My phone is the Cliq – over 2 years old now and just giving me problems. Drops calls, and starting to act weird. It sounds as though your Tracfone is perfect for you. If you’re happy with it, then keep it.

      1. Yeah, I’m going to go tomorrow. I will be just down the street after I get my regular massage. I go every two weeks for half and hour. I stay in my clothes – no oil in other words. And he works on my triggers points and works out the knots that have built up over the two weeks. I’ve been doing this every other week for nearly a year and a half. When I don’t go, for whatever reason, I can really tell.

        But the T-Mobile store I like is not far from there… so… I’m ready for a phone change. This one served it’s purpose, but time to go away.

      1. I don’t blame you. The phone is not worth the hassle! I can’t believe Sprint is so bad! Well, onwards and upwards from now on 😉

    1. Actually, Red, I would prefer to get Ernestine when I call AT&T as I unfortunately have to do occasionally. At least Ernestine speaks colloquial English. Instead, after enduring phone hell I get an East Indian or a Filipino with an English-sounding alias who flips through a manual, says everything three times, fails to solve the problem and then wants to know if there’s anything else she can do and begs me to be satisfied. 😆

      1. Aha, I read that Consumer Cellular has Americans handling their customer service calls. That wouldn’t be why you picked them, would it?

      2. I suspect that’s part of their plan to appeal to us seniors. And they’re right, I hate dealing with foreign service reps that’s I can’t understand. Unfortunately I also read that they operate on AT&T’s network, which has the poorest coverage in this area of the four major carriers. Still researching …

  5. Well, I did it. Got myself a Galaxy Siii – and LOVE it! I’ve been playing with it all evening – have hardly touched my computer. Mainly setting it up, figuring out what is where, and downloaded the only game I like to play. It’s a card game, “Euchre.” If you do decided to go back to this, it really is great. I will be able to cruise the internet when I go to bed at night before I fall asleep. Or check my blog when out and about. And so on. But like you said, if you’re home most of the time, then it is probably a big waste of money, cuz they’re not cheap.

    1. I’d buy it in a heartbeat, by itself. It’s the $100 a month contract that kills me. I’m not having much luck finding anything else though. Have found out all the TracFones sold for this area run on AT&T, and I’ve confirmed numerous times that here, AT&T is the worst and Verizon is the best coverage-wise. It sure had a lot of potential, like being able to get to iCal (my calendar). The kids put me onto Evernote for notes, and it looked awesome for someone like me who stashes notes everywhere. I was also loving FlipBook as a way to browse the news. And I’d uploaded a lot of songs to Google Play. Anyway, enjoy your new toy!

      1. Thanks! Yeah, I found the calendar last night and saw it’s my google calendar. I’m just amazed at how far phones have come since i bought my CLIQ two years ago. Back then, it was one of the more advanced and better phones. LOL… the TMobile lady that helped me was amazed that my phone was still in one piece after so long.

      2. I looked up the Cliq. It’s a lot nicer than my old TracFone. In fact, it looked a lot like some of the “new” TracFones I was considering. TracFones are almost always older models that retailers no longer sell. That’s why they’re so cheap.

      3. I’m so addicted to my phone now! There’s just so much there! Actually, there was quite a bit with the Cliq, too, but the screen was too small for me, and it was much slower. So I would just wait until I could get to my computer.

  6. Dear grandma, i’m very sorry to hear abt this awful, unfruitful xperience. I can’t imagine how disappointing the whole unfortunate events might be. Anyway, perhaps just take it as if it miht not yet b the right time for u to have the phone. Once the time is right the universe will conspire to get you an evwn better gadget without you taking so much trouble for it 🙂

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