It’s National Wear Red Day

6 thoughts on “It’s National Wear Red Day”

  1. Looking at some of the ladies in the top picture, I imagine that a few of those, are in danger, of heart attack, with the excess weight they’re toting around, there are two maybe three exempt.

    Lucky for me my wife watches for all the symptoms, she picked my stroke, small though it was, and she’s forever monitoring whats going on, no one has much chance of getting caught when she’s around.

    She’s always been on health watch, exercised, and been the healthiest person I’ve ever come across.

    Of course it could be the food I prepare! :bear:

    1. I noticed the group was a bit heavier than in past years. Not sure why. Political correctness demands as much diversity as possible in marketing photos, but that’s been true for a long time.

      1. Don’t think it’s going away any time soon. I was charged with assuring diversity in textbook pictures as long ago as the early ’70s.

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