What the world needs now

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  1. One on one people seem to be able to get along. Take disasters for instance – most people just jump in and assist. People in small groups tend to be aware to others needs, hopes, lives…
    It’s when things grow to a large scale where the individual only becomes a number ( and one who funds the giant organization – allowing the ones in charge t say – “Hey I represent all this big clump of people – who are bound to believe as I do although I never really asked or listened…”)
    Big companies lose human scale and lack concern of individual needs – organizations, governed groups the same.
    Try to stay local – work local, give local, buy local and live local – if you want to stay human? (Good trick if you can do it – sigh)

    1. I have to remind myself at least once a week to think local — think about what my neighborhood is like, my community, my metro area, my state. I try to stay connected through local news. I can’t ignore national news, nor should I, but I certainly don’t watch it as much as I used to. It’s too depressing.

      1. Ditto. It’s difficult with what is on even the Local News now…look, I’m really sorry about the little girl that slipped in the subway and was barely rescued in time – but that was in China. There’s plenty of stuff happening around here – so get of the internet and go find it (and using viewers’ cell phone videos does not count as new reporting)
        And then there’s the giggling. Apparently management has decided to make n neighborly and personal connections between viewers and anchors by having them tell all about their kids/personal lives and giggling a lot – even the men. It’s the news – get better/more mature/educated news show script writers for those anchors reading the prompters.
        It is depressing.

      2. Yep, local news here is a compilation of a few national news stories (edited down to a few headlines), videos and photos from viewers, tweets from viewers, and sometimes a choice video from YouTube. At the end they fill time with chat about their kids, their latest ski trip, the guy’s beard finally getting shaved off, and last night, her “sassy” scarf. Four or five days after I posted it, a local station ran the lava video. Yep, up-to-the-minute news here. The weather is always relevant, however, and the sports report is big (if you’re into that sort of thing), with all our professional teams plus the interest in winter sports. The only slack I can give them is they’re either youngsters just trying to get started in the field, or older reporters who know they’ve topped out and are just trying to hang on to their job.

  2. How did I miss this? Some truly amazing stories told here. I like the lead photo of the young MUSLIM child giving a flower to an heavily armed soldier,

    I wonder what the new POTUS would have to say about that?

    Probably that it’s propaganda put out by terrorists perhaps…

    How many feature dogs? Truly our best friends.

    Thanks PT. 🙂

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