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While seeking Women’s March info

You never know where you’ll end up or what you’ll learn when you start browsing the internet. This morning, looking for information about the October 2 Women’s March in Denver, […]

We didn’t start the fire …

The news from Afghanistan this week has me angry, sad, frustrated. I’ve always believed that when Osama bin Laden escaped that country, we should have left too. So now I […]

Name that tune

Reprinted from Pied Type, August 22, 2011 Funny how the mind works. When it works. If it works. I was in the kitchen fixing lunch and out of the blue […]

Home delivery — a mixed blessing

I picked up a really bad habit during the covid lockdown last year — home delivery of just about everything. Leisurely shopping via computer, never even leaving the couch. And […]

Who ya gonna call?

Who ya gonna call for the best advice? When you’re considering a divorce, you call … a lawyer. When you’re concerned about your car’s engine, you call … a mechanic. […]

Keep calm and play on

Whether you’re a video game player curious about other gamers or a non-gamer wondering why people play, this survey is for you. “2021 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry,” […]

LG and Square Trade: Never again

*** Warning: Lengthy Consumer Rant *** This is a smart LG television (OLED55B8PUA, 2018 model): This is the 13-page Square Trade extended warranty on that television: I strongly suggest you […]