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‘Fire hose’ of lava flows from Kilauea volcano

From the US Geological Survey in Hawaii comes this stunning video of lava pouring, not creeping, into the sea on January 28.

A view of the “fire hose” at night:

Story and more photos at the USGS site and at Big Island Video News. There is another video of the lava flow, shot from the air (bottom). It takes a few seconds to load, but looks like this:


And here’s another video that looks much like the one above … except a circle on the right marks the location of some people getting dangerously close to the flow.


  1. I live about 35 miles away from this lava flow. I’ve seen a lot of volcanic action since moving here 20 years ago, but this is amazing. Wish I could go see it, but I am not in good health now.

    • I’ve only seen lava flows in movies, and never anything like this. It’s always been the slow, creeping kind with crust already forming on top.

      I still can’t imagine living in Hawaii. Totally unlike anything I’ve experienced.

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