Send in the clowns

15 thoughts on “Send in the clowns”

      1. Clowns. Clowns are worse. Kids will make up, play together the next day, and grow up. Clowns are just clowns and always will be.

  1. And yet I fear that these very clowns will be re-elected, next time. Were they not, by and large, after the last fiasco ?
    We the people (even though I’m not one of you, we have our own versions of this ludicrous and self-serving behaviour) do not take our voting responsibilities seriously – and come to think of it, you guys just opt out !
    At least we have to show up ..

    1. Yes, well, that’s part of our problem … responsible, thoughtful voters not voting and thereby allowing the clowns to win. Of course, the clowns get to vote, too. On the other hand, your system might cause resentment among those who would rather not vote or for whom getting out to vote is a hardship. Or do you also have mail-in ballots? I really cherish that convenience here.

      1. Crikey ! – would you believe, Colorado, that I’m not sure ? I don’t think we do – except under circumstances of inability to get to polling booths .. But then I recall that there are definitely postal votes .. that cause nail-biting if voting’s close because they’re not counted till last or something.
        I have just showed myself as ignorant while criticising others. Hmph !!

  2. It strikes me as particularly appropriate that today, in the middle of all the craziness in Washington …. there was a test of the National Emergency Alert system.

  3. Glory be! In spite of the ineffective clowns for which this screed is dedicated, Ms. Susan has successfully affected a return to normality in so far as commenting without having to routinely re-establish my identity.  Hoo Rah!!!

    1. I did? I have? Guess I’d better not touch anything else now for fear of breaking something. You wouldn’t believe the stress levels I’ve hit in the last week …

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