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  1. Well no-one would expect you to miss Colbert !!
    I get to watch him a couple of days later on YouTube. And Bill. And John Oliver, sometimes – more paywalled than most. Sometimes Seth, Occasionally Jimmy Kimmel (but I’m not a fan of the sidekick).
    But Stephen and Bill are by far the cleverest – and it ain’t just the writers ..

    1. Ah, Bill Maher. I’d forgotten him. Maybe I can watch him for free now that I have streaming services instead of cable. I’ve been reluctant to pay for the privilege up till now. Lordy, the material Congress provided for those guys today!!

      1. I only saw this reply this morning. Don’t know why it doesn’t have your picture. Did you have to fill out the name, email, and website for your picture to show up again?

      1. Last I heard, they won’t be voting on a new speaker until next Tuesday. So I guess our government just rots for a week, with the clock ticking on the next potential government shutdown in slightly less than 45 days.

  2. Yeah, but you been there before. You done that.
    You know how it goes.
    Seriously, I do feel for all government employees – and it’s all so UNNECESSARY ..

    1. Unnecessary. Inexcusable. Embarrassing. They’re playing games with people’s lives and getting paid to do it. Their checks don’t get cut off.

    1. Your Gravatar appeared, but not your screen name. Did you edit your profile to show the name you want? When I’m commenting, I see “Logged in as SusanR” with options to edit my profile or log out. Is that what you see? Someone else will need to comment and tell us what they see. I’m sorry. I’m still trying to figure out what would-be commenters are encountering.

      1. Since I appear under this post 3,000 times already, allow me to say that I see Joe’s gravatar and what I guess is his real name.
        For myself, I have long grown awful tired of having to enter my name, my email and my website every time I comment, Colorado ..
        It’s so hard to know what WordPress does, wants, thinks ..

      2. M-R, you should see a red asterisk only on “Comment,” meaning that’s what you need to fill out. Name, etc., when they have no asterisk, are not necessary. And if you fill all that out one time and I approved that comment, you shouldn’t have to fill it all out again. WordPress designed the interface, not me. I think the old way was far preferable and I’m still trying to get it back.

  3. Since the political mess(es) are covered, where did you go on your excursion?? Lots of pretty aspens a given. Moose? Bears? Hope not too many people….

    1. Well, lots of people because “’tis the season” and it was a beautiful, albeit windy day. I went up through Boulder (awful traffic as always) and Boulder Canyon to my brother’s place on Sugarloaf Mountain. Then we went on down to Nederland and stopped at Mud Lake. All these years I was unaware of a lake there. Spent some time there, then headed north. Aspens were still pretty around Ned, which is in a low spot out of the wind, but north past Ward, usually the best location, was already nearly gone. Got up to Allenspark and stopped to visit a friend of my brother. Wonderful time there, chatting, etc. From his old cabin he can see across Wild Basin to Meeker and over to Twin Sisters. Chipmunks, squirrels, magpies were busy everywhere all day. Heading back, a fox crossed in front of us near Ned. First fox I’ve ever seen in the wild. Back to brother’s house, then me back through Boulder to home.

      1. Oh, and in addition to hours of great memories, I came home with a copy of one of my brother’s favorite books (“On the Loose” by Jerry and Renny Russell) and a half dozen fresh eggs from his chickens.

      2. That sounds like a fun day all around, except for driving through Boulder twice. Mud Lake i have heard of, but have not visited (yet). Shame about the Ward trees; they hit peak almost faster than normal. And your time in Allenspark sounds great for the views, the conversation, and the memories from your vacations. Then to score a new book plus fresh eggs– well, really happy you got to go!

        I did have to fill out everything to comment. But so often weird things happen like that, so i just do it. Not just your blog, either.

      3. Had to add a name just to get you out of moderation. I still don’t know how I’d never heard of Mud Lake, considering I’ve been coming up here since I was a youngster. It’s a really pretty little lake, now that Ned has cleaned it up. And meeting the chickens was great. Not dirty white and cackling but black and gray and red and making a soothing little sort of burbling sound. So sweet!

      4. Well, I added a name to get you out of moderation and then my comment blew away because I didn’t choose one of the log-in options. It’s my #$^% blog!!

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