More messin’

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    1. Well, your comment got posted, so that’s an improvement from the last one that got held in moderation. But maybe this is only a portion of what you tried to post? Sorry, I have no way of knowing.

      1. Oops, it didn’t like my comment the first time either. I had to reload the page and resubmit or something. Yep, sumpthin’s still amiss. Sumpthin new and different, of course.

    1. Hmm. Did you actually enter your name and website in order to post this particular comment, or did the comment appear without your filling out the info?

      I guess “requires” means you had to enter the info.

      I’m still communicating with WP behind the scenes and hope to get all this fixed ASAP.

  1. MR sent me here. WordPress should perhaps recognise me OR offer me an option to sign in OR are you a self-hosted site which is different to my “free, sort of” site? Either way, WP is irritating me, and commenting is one of the ways.

    1. Welcome to Pied Type! I apologize immediately for what feels like a sudden raft of problems with/from WordPress. Everything about Comments has been messed up, and two days ago I discovered that my Trending topics list has disappeared and my Subscribe to PT page is not working. Stress level has been through the roof. But hey, happy to have you here and hope things get back to normal soon.

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