Beware Fraavy

5 thoughts on “Beware Fraavy”

  1. Heyyyyyy ! – I may speak, now ! Wotta relief ..
    You’re right to be wary of apps – probably to be wary of every bloody thing on-line, Colorado ! I’m impressed by your mastery of your phone, though: I am utterly hopeless with mine.
    Well, almost utterly.
    Still prefer my laptop any day.

    1. You spoke, but I had to dig your comment out of the moderation queue. I’ve no idea why.

      Don’t be too impressed with my phone “mastery.” I curse the thing at least once a day, usually more, for not showing or doing what I want it to show or do. And of course I don’t know then if it’s my fault or the phone’s, but I strongly suspect it’s mine.

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