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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

(Not) The World’s Most Beautiful Cat

Most of us have probably seen pictures of the world’s ugliest dog, and the winners of the annual competition for that title. But what about the felines of the world?

As a cat person, I was intrigued by a local station’s story on a New Hampshire cat with the unfortunate name Ugly Bat Boy and the looks to match. In lieu of an official “Ugliest Cat” competition, I’d have to name this guy the unofficial titleholder. He was obviously the last in line when good looks were being handed out. And yes, he was born this way. No catastrophic injuries or disease or anything like that.

Denver’s Channel 7 has posted both a slideshow and a video (from, sans embed codes. You’ll just have to follow the links if you want to see them. And trust me, until you’ve seen the video of this kitty walking around, you can’t fully appreciate his … umm … “unique” appearance.


Aha, finally tracked down some YouTube video:

Also on Pied Type:
Unlikely look-alikes (featuring Mugly, 2012 World’s Ugliest Dog)


  1. Otay, I would definitely give this dude the ugly cat award. He has a jabba the hut quality however, so maybe looks aren’t everything. Still, that is one freaky kitty.

  2. yea indeeeeeeeeeedddddddd!!! this little guy issssssss scary!!! but it’s sooo graphic!i think i would love to have a cat like this!!
    I’m just glad he ended up in a good place. He wouldn’t have won any awards as “Most Adoptable” at a shelter.

  3. As a Sphynx (hairless) cat breeder, I think he is absolutely gorgeous!!! I wish I could breed cats like this with manes like lions.

  4. Very strange looking cat. But I wonder really – wouldn’t most cats look like that if they were hairless and a little, er… old? It’s like the butterfly. Without its beautiful wings it would be an ugly bug. Nobody would love it. So – appearances are everything (and shouldn’t be).

    • We are terribly superficial when it come to appearance, aren’t we? I wonder if they’d named this guy Lancelot or Yoda if everyone would be calling him ugly?

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