You can lead a horse to water but …

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  1. I agree. This doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten into scrapes. But when I have, I’ve cleared them up, paid them off, or otherwise handled them myself.

    I think in some ways, it’s that American parents are almost too kind. Each generation has been more lenient and indulgent than the one before. Right now we’re dealing with kids raised by Baby Boomers, who are a rather spoiled bunch, mainly because their Depression-era parents worked so hard and gave them so much so as not to see them go without, the way they had to. Noble, but completely unappreciated. Am I casting blame? No. Just pointing out that overall, humans, or at least Americans, are an ungrateful bunch. We just don’t appreciate what we have–and that is why we are so miserable. A recent study showed that the people who are happy, are happy with what they have. They have goals, but in terms of living arrangements and material possessions, they work with what they’ve got and are content with that.

    1. Giving your kids everything, whatever your motivation, is spoiling them. Same thing if the government does it. It creates a sense of entitlement. I don’t think anyone really appreciates anything unless they’ve earned it themselves.

      Giving your kids nothing — no love, sense of responsibility, pride, encouragement, ambition, love of learning — is even more inexcusable because these things are essential to your children’s future and cost you nothing.

  2. Hey 30,
    Good post and I agree whole-heartedly but I would add one thing – in addition to education, formal or otherwise, parents need to teach their children common sense. This seems to be the most glaring outpoint in our society today. Education was once the foundation for such things but since p.c. has hit every aspect of modern living common sense was one of its first casualties. Too bad. And don’t get me started on critical thinking. I don’t know what the solution is either but I have a feeling it’s going to have to be extreme and likely painful for most of us.

    1. You’re so right! Political correctness has crippled our educational system, making parental input even more important. Cause for concern because so many parents seem to be so irresponsible. Excellent point about critical thinking; it may be the single most important thing you get from a formal education.

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