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Category: Education


It’s outrageous no matter how you look at it. Wealthy parents buying, lying, bribing, cheating, etc. to get their kids into prestigious colleges. Or maybe into any college at all. […]

DeVos bought herself a cabinet position today

I am absolutely sick that Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Donald Trump’s new Secretary of Education. With our public education system in dire need of new, competent leadership, the Republicans nevertheless […]

Real life doesn’t have trigger warnings

Last month there was a furor over a letter to first-year students at the University of Chicago. The letter, from Dean of Students John “Jay” Ellison, PhD, cautioned that the university […]

Not on my dime

My son and I have had many conversations about SJWs (“social justice warriors”) on our college campuses and we share a common point of view: Colleges are where kids go to […]

Censorship on Facebook

Here’s another cartoon about all the university students complaining about the terrible injustices (“micro aggressions,” “hurtful speech,” etc.) they’ve endured on campus. Thought I’d get it in while I’m still […]

Or we could just ban recess altogether

Just when you think our schools couldn’t be disabled or dismantled any further, someone dreams up some new hazard. It was bad enough when kids got suspended for “shooting” each […]